Who is Who in European Science? EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT 2018

On the 28th of September 2018 Phd participated in the European Researcher’s Night with the activity WHO is WHO in European Science? The activity was developed in the imaginCafé (Barcelona) and it was organized jointly with 7 ITNs based in Barcelona (BeOptical, DIVIDE, Meta-Can, Opathy, Phd, MIXITIN and SINGEK. Phd organized the activity of one of the stands together with META-Can, another ITN from IDIBELL.
The goal of the activity was to show the general public the science that 7 ITNs based in Barcelona do. Participants were distributed in small groups that walked around the different project’s stands. People had the opportunity to meet and talk with a new generation of young researchers working in different scientific fields and institutions, they could listen to the explanations, ask questions to the researchers and participate in the different activities proposed by the ITNs participating. Afterwards there was a joint quiz to prove who has learned the most, with prizes for the top ten.
The activity was a great success and many people participated.