Phd Mid-Term Review Meeting

The Phd Mid-Term Meeting was held at the Clare College in Cambridge on the 18th September 2017. The event was organised by IDIBELL and the Babraham Institute simultaneously with the 2nd Phd Training Workshops. The night before the MTM a dinner was offered to all the attendees.

The meeting was attended by all the network participants and two representatives of the Commission, the Project Officer and an external Expert. The MTM was a great opportunity to check the progress of the project in terms of science, training and networking, and to clarify financial issues, administrative issues, and best working practices to subsequently change things if necessary.
It was a full day meeting. Patricia E. Rischitor (REA Project Officer) opened the meeting and introduced the External Reviewer Dr. Manuel S. Rodríguez. After a brief introduction of the REA Representative a tour de Table took place. All scientist-in-charge presented their teams and described their research, their role within the network and their connections with other partners. Eva Loste, manager of Ubik Media, explained their participation in the project as Partner Organization.
The Tour de Table was followed by the coordinator’s Report and then all the ESRs had the opportunity to present their individual research projects.

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