Len Stephens

Len Stephens obtained his PhD from Birmingham university physiology department in 1985, worked as post doc in Peter Downes’ and then Robin Irvine’s labs until he obtained a group leader position at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge in 1992. He became head of department in 1996 and has continued in that role, adding the job of being Associate Director since 2013, to the current time. He runs a lab with Phill Hawkins in the Signalling Department. Their lab aims to understand how PI3K signalling works at both conceptual and cell-specific levels. Neutrophils have been a long-term interest of the lab where they address how PI3Ks, along with other signalling networks, control responses such as cell migration and reactive oxygen species formation in the context of immune defence against infection.
Currently their group contains 3 PhD students and 7 post docs.