Jordi Rodon

I did my specialization in Medical Oncology at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (Institut Català d’Oncologia). I have been Research fellow at the Advanced Drug Development Fellowship program at the Institute For Drug Development in San Antonio, Texas, and Senior Research fellow at the Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. I joined the Medical Oncology Department in 2008 and have been principal investigator or co-investigator in more than 80 phase I trials.
At VH, I coordinate the phase I program and the clinical research at UITM, where we are focused in complex clinical trials with drugs in early development (phase I and early phase II trials) focused in novel targets. Our main interest is proof-of-concept and proof-of-mechanism trials with targeted therapies, especially target therapies focusing in cell signaling and cancer stem cells. These trials include First-in-human studies of targeted therapies, rational combinations of targeted therapies, biomarker-driven trials and trials in molecularly selected populations. In the last two years, we have collaborated with the Molecular Pathology and the Genomics labs to perform molecular analysis of the patients tumor in order to select the best possible treatment with the available experimental treatments, in a step towards Personalized Medicine.
In the area of Personalized/Precision Medicine, I am working at the therapeutic level (designing and implementing trials such as WINTHER, a pilot study in Personalized Medicine, and AGATA, a molecular navigator trial in Breast cancer), diagnostic level (by implementing the VHIO Molecular Prescreening Program, and serving as advisor for LETI/Foundation Medicine), data analytics (collaborating with companies such as Thomson Reuters, and CollabRX) and decision-making processes (developing decision tools such as Athena, or collaborating with companies such as Oncompass).