Jocelyn Laporte

Jocelyn Laporte obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Strasbourg while in Jean-Louis Mandel’s team. Together with his team at IGBMC in Illkirch in the suburbs of Strasbourg, he is now focusing on the molecular basis and treatment of rare and severe forms of myopathies due to mutations in proteins implicated in organelles and membrane trafficking. Their approaches are multidisciplinary and encompass the identification of the implicated genes by high-throughput sequencing, the study of the molecular and cellular functions of these proteins in cells and tissues, the validation of faithful mammalian disease models, and therapeutic proof-of-concepts through gene modulation and pharmacology. The functions of the implicated proteins in skeletal muscle under normal and pathological conditions are studied through the development of novel imaging protocols (correlative microscopy and in vivo imaging) in close contact with the IGBMC platforms.