Christian Götze

Christian Götze looks back on more than 15 years of professional experience in the fields of software development, software project management and business management. Mr. Götze completed his studies with a degree in mathematics. During his entire studies, he already worked professionally in the field of computer networking and software development. From 1995 onwards, he and several partners established the Netz-Werker AG, a system house which was specialized on highly available systems for medium-sized companies.

As from 1997, Mr. Götze was employed as scientific assistant and project manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Rostock. Due to his work at the Fraunhofer Institute, he was able to gain essential and wide knowledge in the field of software development – from specific modeling techniques over to the development of complicated algorithms up to the management of complex software projects. During this time, he developed basic concepts and software implementations in order to work with extremely large image data.

In 2004, Christian Götze founded the Multiple Image Tools GmbH, later arivis GmbH, which is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Corporation. Holding the position of the company’s CTO, he managed both the development of the software products as well as the software development projects executed by arivis. At the same time he was responsible for business operations.

Holding the position of CIO at arivis AG, Christian Götze is amongst others responsible for the IT infrastructure, the development of technical software strategies and the development of the software products for the business unit arivis Vision.