A complete spectrum of scientific and technological capacities is needed to decipher in detail how PI3K function. To this end, the best European academic, clinical and industrial units in PI3K signaling have gathered to compose the Phd training network. The ultimate aim of Phd is to bring together complementary expertise, added value, unique tools and excellence knowledge in a common effort to train talented early stage researchers (ESRs), and prepare them for leading roles in research and drug discovery in European industry and academia. Providing a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial Research Training Programme will have a tremendous impact on the researchers, as they will acquire full capacities to move towards a new wave of PI3K-targeted therapies. The Phd training network will increase the international competitiveness of European research in PI3K research and drug development.

The specific aims of the ITN Training programme in the path to enhance innovative mind-set of the trainees are to:

  • Scientific skills: Provide a research training programme aimed at acquisition of state-of-the-art knowledge and technology to decipher how the PI3Ks function and translate this knowledge first into drug discovery and later to the clinics and the ability to assimilate the individual components and concepts in a goal-oriented manner.
  • Basic technical skills: Provide insights into drug development, screening approaches (proteomics, lipidomics, chemical compounds, and phenotyping), microscopic techniques, image handling and management as a basis of scientific workflow up to the level of quantitative image analysis in complex environments and in vivo physiological and pathological assays.
  • Complementary skills: Provide transferable skills including grant writing, scientific communication, intellectual property management, valorisation, ethical issues, project management, gender issues, and entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthen inter-sectorial research cooperation to advance understanding of the different classes of PI3K isoforms and translate this knowledge into drug discovery and treatment modalities.

The aims of the Training Network will be addressed by:

  • Organizing scientific events (seminars, workshops), which will provide specific and complementary training in important skills to allow the ESRs to progress in their scientific career and push them towards excellence.
  • A multi-disciplinary research programme for the study of PI3K signalling in health and disease that will guarantee a solid basis in research technology and methods through interacting and complementary 5 research subprograms.
  • Secondments in other laboratories within in the network to acquire training in other competences and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.