Silvia Arucci

I was born in Florence in 1989. My interest in biology began from college and was confirmed during high school; indeed after that I decided to enroll at the faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Florence, in Italy.
During my Bachelor degree, I participated in a research project, at the Department of Evolutionary Biology, which aim was to study rhizospheric microbial diversity of arboreal plants (poplar and maple) identified as unintentional possible target of an interaction with transgenic plants.
After I decided to continue my education with a Master Degree in the Biomedical area. During my Master Degree I took part to the Erasmus Placement program, which gave me the possibility to spend nine months at the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse where I worked on the role of sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase in chemoresistance of human melanoma cells to chemotherapy (Vemurafenib, Dacarbazine).
In 2015, I worked as a laboratory technician in a small biotech company in Florence, Entomon s.a.s, which is specialized in the production of certified pure extracts of insects (venom and other) used as a basis for medical treatments.