Piotr Kobiałka

I was born in the city of Ruda Śląska, the south of Poland. After finishing high school education in 2010, I decided to enroll in Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, where I studied medical biotechnology. During my Bachelor’s degree studies, I participated in a research student circle at the Department of Medical Genetics, where I focused on RNAi approach combined with a classical pharmacotherapy as a potential way of glioblastoma multiforme treatment (supervisor: Monika Paul-Samojedny, PhD). During this time, I also had an opportunity to present my results at several student conferences in Poland.
In 2013, after I had received my Bachelor’s degree, I moved to Kraków to continue my education within medical biotechnology area at Jagiellonian University. I have joined the Department of Immunology lab, where I worked on my Master’s project related to the role of chemerin protein in the physiology of human skin keratinocytes (supervisor: professor Joanna Cichy).
In 2014 I did an internship at Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute in Barcelona (supervisor: Mariona Graupera, PhD), where I worked on a project related to the role of Pi3k signalling pathway in endothelial cells and pericytes in association with physiological angiogenesis. In 2015, after graduating from the university, I joined Jonathan Ewbank’s group at Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy in Marseille, where I worked as a trainee on molecular aspects associated with C. elegans worm’s innate response to the fungus D. coniospora (supervisor: Jolanta Polanowska, PhD).