Piotr Jung

Piotr Jung was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. After graduating from Biology and Chemistry class in Cyprian Norwid High School he decided to study Botechnology at the University of Warsaw. Since his second year of studies he has worked in Cytology Department (Head: Professor Ciemerych) under direct supervision of Dr Zimowska-Wypych. He was focused on skeletal muscle regeneration, especially on influence of MMP-2 and MMP-9 on this process.  During his Master studies he went to Boston, USA to join Peter Sicinski laboratory in Dana Fraber Cancer Institute. He spent there one and a half year studying the role of two transcription factors (Mybl1 and Dmrt7) in the course of spermatogenesis and testis development. During his studies he had a chance to have an internship in Celon Pharma (Kiełpin, Poland) and Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (Warsaw, Poland). He and other students from University of Warsaw established an association of Medical Biology “Antidotum”. As a member of “Antidotum” Piotr participated in many scientific events for public, like “Night of Biologists” or “Festival of Science”.