Mònica Sánchez-Guixé

Mònica Sánchez-Guixé was born in 1988 in Tordera, Spain. She performed her Biology Degree at the University of Barcelona (Spain, 2006-2012). In 2011, she participated in a collaboration at the Genetics Department from the University of Barcelona, headed by Prof. Susana Balcells and Prof. Daniel Grinberg, working on a project to study gene regulation on osteoporosis.

She obtained international experience through a Master Degree at Lund University (Sweden, 2012-2013) and a Master Project at the University of Bergen (Norway, 2013-2014), working on the characterization of monogenic mutations causing cerebellar ataxia. The project was submitted in May 2014, obtaining the title in Master of Science in Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. Results obtained in this project were finally published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (Heimdal K., Sanchez-Guixe M. et al 2014).

In the summer of 2014, she attended in an advanced course at Wellcome Trust Genome Campus (Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom): Protein Interactions and Networks course.

She continued working as a researcher at the Centre of Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine (MGM, Bergen, Norway) from June 2014 until December 2015, supervised by Prof. Stefan Johansson, studying the affected pathways in hereditary ataxia through proteomics data analysis.