Phd Mid-Term Meeting

The Mid-term meeting (MTM) will take place at the Clare College in Cambridge on the 19th of September. The event will gather all the PIs of the consortium, the ESRs, the two members of the External Advisory Board as well as a representative of the Partner Organizations. The REA Project Officer and an external expert appointed by the REA will also attend the meeting to assess the fulfillment of all aspects of the Network, not only the scientific but also the training, management, networking…
During the MTM all scientist-in charge will briefly present their research team and their role in the network. The Coordinator and the Project Manager will present the midterm report that covers different aspects of the project: Scientific, Training, Networking and management… finally fellows will present their selves and will talk about the main objectives of their projects as well as the results obtained so far.
The MTM will be followed by a two-days training workshop (19-20 September). The Scientific Workshop open to external public from outside the network will be held at the Babraham Institute and will be focused on signaling by p110 PI3Ks. On the Complementary Workshop the fellows will have the opportunity to attend a course on Scientific communication. The workshops are being organized by BI (UK) and IDIBELL (Spain).

For more information please contact the Project Manager Laia Muixi:

Phd MTM_2nd workshop Agenda