Dissemination and Outreach Plan

The Phd Dissemination and Outreach Plan has already been created. This first Plan defines the actions that will be developed to disseminate and communicate the results produced in the Phd project to relevant stakeholders, from the beginning to the end of the project, and it will be reviewed and updated three times during the project development.

Enhancing scientific knowledge is an important socio-economical goal and is considered critical for the members of the consortium as it will have an impact on industrialization in the EU area and therefore, on creating new jobs. This plan aims to ensure that the project’s outcomes reach not only the scientific community but also the general public in order to (a) accelerate knowledge transfer, (b) widely communicate its results among society and, finally, (c) encourage young scientists to promote their careers through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions of the EU Horizon 2020 programme. (Dissemination and Outreach Plan)