Defense of the first thesis of the ITN Phd

Congratulations to Silvia Arcucci and her supervisor Julie Guillermet-Guibert! On the 15th of July Silvia Arcucci defended her thesis entitled “The beta isoform of PI3K & control of Kras oncogenicity in pancreatic carcinogenesis”. She did a great defence and reply to the questions of the jury members. She completed her PhD at the University of Toulouse 3- Paul Sabatier.
During her PhD, Silvia studied the biological impact of pancreas-restricted genetic inactivation of PI3Kβ during pancreatic cancer progression induced by oncogenic Kras with or without mutated p53 combined with an experimentally induced risk factor condition such as inflammation.
She completed the secondments at the University of Torino in Emilio Hirsch group, and at UCL in Bart Vanhaesebroeck group.