1st Spanish Workshop on Endothelium: From cell Biology to Pathology

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Rui Benedito (CNIC, Madrid), Jaime Millán (CBMSO, Madrid) and Mariona Graupera (IDIBELL, Barcelona) organize the first Spanish workshop on Endothelium. The event will take place in Madrid on the 26th of January 2018 and international and national speakers will participate. For registration or for further information contact: or Poster of the event

Phd Mid-Term Meeting

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The Mid-term meeting (MTM) will take place at the Clare College in Cambridge on the 19th of September. The event will gather all the PIs of the consortium, the ESRs, the two members of the External Advisory Board as well as a representative of the Partner Organizations. The REA Project Officer and an external expert […]

Workshop 2

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Day1: Signalling by p110 PI3Ks This workshop will bring together the leading experts in the basic knowledge of class I PI3K signalling including: signalling inputs, PI3K members, signalling downstream effectors, feedback loops, lipid phosphatases, and newly developed inhibitors. Day2: “Communicating Science: Presenting your results to an audience”. The fellows will learn the basic principles of […]

Workshop 3


Day1: Imaging phospholipids This workshop will be focused on monitoring PI conversion at endosomes, super-resolution imaging of lipids and lipid-modifying enzymes, PI3P regulation of the endosomal system and novel chemical approaches to the study & manipulation of PIs. Day2: Research Project Management and Collaborative Projects Fellows will learn research project management, people management, career paths […]

Workshop 4


Day1: Management of PI3K inhibitors in the Clinic This workshop will be organized with clinicians that will update fellows with the latest advanced use of PI3K in clinical trials. Success and limitations will be discussed, as well as how to approach the clinical application of the results that they would achieve (from bench to bed […]

Kick-off Meeting


The Phd Innovative Training Network (ITN): PI3K biology in health & disease celebrates its kick-off meeting on January 12 and 13 in Barcelona. The objective of this Marie Curie Action ITN is to decipher in detail how PI3K functions, gathering the best European academic, clinical and industrial units specialised in this enzyme to train early […]

Workshop 1

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Day1: Advances in class II and class III This workshop will focus on the physiological role and specific functions of class II and III PI3K isoforms within a cell, lipid production localization, differences between members and implications of class II and III isoforms in disease. Day2: Bioethics The goal of this workshop is to make […]